Travel Guide to Juist, Germany – “Juist do it!”

The quaint island of Juist comprises one of Germany’s seven inhabited East Frisian Islands and is made up of two villages: Juist and Loog. It is popular with travellers from all around the world due to its long beautiful beaches, serene setting and peaceful vibrancy. The petite island is the ideal place to enjoy a restful holiday along the beach with terrific views out over the sea.

Areal view of the Island of Juist - foto Wikipedia - source, Bin im Garten
Areal view of the Island of Juist – foto Wikipedia – source, Bin im Garten

How to Reach Juist:

Berlin: Coming from Berlin you can take the train from Hauptbahnhof to Juist for prices starting at 29€ per person. The journey will take 5 1/2 to 6 and 1/2 hours. From Norddeich you can go with either plane or ferry to Juist.

Ferry: You can reach Juist by ferry from the town of Norddeich for approximately €28,00 roundtrip. The trip by ship will take approximately 90 minutes. The ferries and the planes are all run by the company Frisia. Be sure to check the trip schedules in advance and the day of carefully because due to the tides, sometimes only one ferry per day runs.

Plane: You can fly using Airline FLN, but be sure to check the weather beforehand as sometimes all flights are canceled. The flight itself takes only seven minutes!

Note: There is such a thing as a Kombi-Ticket’ meaning you take the ferry one way and fly the other way, so a roundtrip ticket for around 45€.


Getting Around Juist

There are no cars on Juist – only doctors and medical staff have access to them. Even police use bikes. The island is only 17 km long and 1/2 to 1 km wide, meaning you can travel it by foot and by bike without a problem – except from the airport, in which case you can take a carriage, which should cost around €8,00 per person. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes for all the walking you might end up doing.

Where to Stay in Juist

If you prefer to stay in Loog, then there is plenty of romantic yet affordable housing available.

If you prefer to stay in the village Juist, then you can stay in the center of the city in many great apartments/houses.

What to See on Juist

Lake Hammersee. Juist features the attractive lake Hammersee, a freshwater lake that used to be a saltwater lake. In the 1800s storm tides divided the island and its saltwarer lake, the gap which people later closed with a dune, having completely repaired the split by 1928. But by then the lake was freshwater.

Billreef sandbank. This sandbank is the ideal place to watch flocks of birds rest during bird migration periods. With binoculars one can see up to 30,000 birds at a time resting on this bank on Juist’s western side. It is a natural reserve because flocks that pass by over the island going from, for example, Siberia to Africa, certainly need a place to rest and eat.

What to Do on Juist

Sports. Enjoy things like nordic walking, cycling tours, beach fitness courses, volleyball, kite-surfing, horseback riding and tennis.

Wellness.  Spend the day in a spa being pampered with massages, salt water cures, Thalasso bathing cures and much more.

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