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Binz is the largest seaside resort on the German island of Rügen – between the bay of Prorer Wiek and   Schmachter See on the southeast part of the  Rügen or Ruegen.

The Schmale Heide lies to the north of Binz – a thin stretch of land which joins the Muttland region of Rügen to the Jasmund peninsula.

The land around  Binz is quite hilly, reaching heights of over 100 m and provide a great view of the sea and the rest of  Rügen ‘.

What you clearly can see in the background on the above beach/strand scene  is the Kurhaus of Binz. By the way,  any English reviews about the Kurhaus would be highly appreciated.

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Around 1875, bathing in the sea came into vogue. The first guests arrived in the small town of Binz, took a liking to it, and recommended it to others. That same year the first road was built connecting the village to the beach (Putbuser Straße). Ten years later, Binz officially became a bathing resort, which meant that building took off: the beach promenade, the pier, the spa house (Kurhaus), a new network of paths and a narrow-gauge railway connexion were built. Around 1870, 80 bathers were counted in one year. No large hotels were built in Binz and other resorts on the Baltic coast in the late 19th century; instead lodging houses in a villa style were built in a style known as resort architecture They were given names associated with the Zeitgeist: nationalistic names like “Germania” or names of family members – often the first name of the wife of the builder. In 1876, the first hotel was built. In 1880, Wilhelm Klünder had the first hotel near the beach built: the apppropriately named Strandhotel. 

In 1888 die Binz Baltic Sea Resort Company (Aktiengesellschaft Ostseebad Binz) was founded, which in 1890 opened the first spa house, the Kurhaus Binz and went bust in 1891. In 1892 Binz was elevated to the status of an independent rural municipality. 

Around 1896, the Bräunlich shipping company linked the settlements of Stettin, Binz and Sassnitz with one other. This was followed by a building boom. In 1893 the first spa house and the Kaiserhof were built. In 1895, the construction of the Rügen Light Railway from Putbus to Binz followed, as well as the opening of the beach promenade. In 1898, the first post office was built (Haus Kliesow, Hauptstraße). On the beach separate swimming pools were created for men and women. In 1902, a 600-metre-long pier was built. Other infrastructure projects included the construction of a drinking water supply and sanitation (1903) and the a power station (Jasmunder Straße). 

Two setbacks were the destruction of the pier by a storm on New Year’s Eve in 1905 and the burning down of the spa house in 1906. After the reconstruction of the pier in 1908, a new spa house was built. At the same time a family swimming pool was created. In 1912 a section of the pier collapsed, killing 17 people. Then in 1913 in Leipzig, the German Lifeguard Association was established. 

In 1913 the Evangelical church was consecrated and, in 1928, the new post office building opened (Zeppelinstraße). Gradually the bathing areas on the beach were closed. In 1922 the men’s swimming pool was demolished and finally, in 1932, the family swimming pool followed suit.

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