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As late as 1876 the former fishing village Baabe counted just 22 homes and even for Northern Germany – this is a very small number.

Then it turned -in just a few years -into a popular seaside resort on the Baltic Sea which it is today.

The expansion of Ruegen Bäderbahn at the end of the 19th Century, made this all possible and helped it’s  rapid development. Today the bus service RPNV is indeed very good, but I was amazed when I saw they have no english website – but they have told this blog they are designing one. In the meantime – learn German!

Although Baabe was the smallest of Ruegen Ostseebäder , it has somehow always seemed to be the most fashionable – as early as the 1920’s when many middle-class and upper bourgeois types made it the holiday resort where they liked to be seen at.

Also, it was here that the then controversial  “mixed bathing ” was permitted and soon became the rage! This means that both men and women could share together the sea and beach- how very revolutionary!

Today Baabe remains attractive for young up-and-coming types and also families, from all over Germany, but still a large part is from Berlin and increasingly Hamburg..

Baabe offers modern infrastructure, cultural offerings, cafes and restaurants, holiday houses, apartments and exclusive apartments on the wide beach of fine sand. That is what Germany-North, the site of this blog does, namely get you a fine vacation home on the German Baltic Coast.

Germans being a bit nerdy usually book a good year [!] in advance so please think to book your holiday in Rugen at least a good month in advance in the busy summer season.

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