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The end of the mole in Sassnitz

If you plan a trip to Germany, especially to the north of Germany you will be on the right track going to Ruegen. It is not only an Island, it is one of the most interesting islands in Germany. Just a short overview what you definitely have to see:

After you pass the Ruegendamm you can head towards Putbus, which is also known as the “White City” with its very interesting history, although you have to pass the middle of the city you will realize the big place called “the circus” which is from the latin word circle and referring to a big open space which they had in the roman empire.

If you leave Putbus aside you surely will pass “Bergen auf Rügen” which is the main city and also the commercial backbone of the island. You can find many shops and the central bus station from where buses going all over the island.

According where you stay you have to getting around a lot to see a glimpse of the island. For example Göhren, Baabe, Sellin and Binz are the spots where the most events are taking place. Going north you should see Prora, Sassnitz and Cape Arkona which is the northern tip of Germany. All alongside wonderful beaches.

I still don’t know why but as small as Rügen is, it never really boring even you have been there a few times.

The most popular German island last tourist season was also Ruegen – during the summer holidays 2012. When going south most Germans preferred Mallorca. In 2013, these two islands are the most in demand. This is the result of an analysis of the CHECK24 hotel searches for a stay at a German or European island in the summer holidays 2012 and 2013. http://www.check24.de/news/reisen-allgemein/ruegen-mallorca-beliebteste-urlaubsinseln-deutsche-2013-55713/


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