Hydro generation from Norway to Germany One Step Closer

A project that will bring surplus hydro generation from Norway to Germany is now one step closer with recently agreed funding .

According to International WaterPower and Dam Construction, a project that will bring surplus hydro generation from Norway to Germany will receive a EUR 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank . The bipolar High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) link will have a capacity of 1400MW and a total route length of 624km.

While NordLink will initially bring surplus hydro generation form Norway to Germany, it will in future also help ease constraints and allow the evacuation of surplus renewable generation from Germany to Scandinavia.

A total of 623 km of cable -starting in the Norwegian town of Haugesund will link to the German Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein which is a major player in the renewable energy revolution. It has visions of being a major German exporter of electricity by 2020, particularly in wind power.

According to Deutsche Welle “the NordLink project will be realised by the Norwegian TSO Statnett and DC Nordseekabel GmbH & Co. KG, each with 50% ownership. DC Nordseekabel GmbH & Co. KG is equally owned by TenneT and the German promotional bank KfW. DC Nordseekabel is responsible for the construction of the German part of the project, including permits.” 

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