Northern German Summer 2017 – Weather-wise a …a small disaster!

A day at the beach in Northern Germany – a sunny day like this were too rare in summer of 2017.

Northern German Summer 2017 – Weather-wise a …a small disaster!

Heat, actually, prolonged heat, including several heat-waves, were forecast  across Southern and Eastern parts of Europe throughout the summer of 2017. By contrast, a mild, wetter or colder summer was predicted across the UK and Northern Europe and this has indeed been the case in summer 2017.

If you can read German – yes they do love to ‘talk-weather’ – here is an excellent article about the weather in Northern Germany for the beginning of September – this month.

Consistent with climate change.

New data reveals how southern European countries have seen several years of consistently drier than normal conditions. Southern Europe has indeed been getting drier while the North becomes wetter, and this is a typical indication of and consistent with climate change.

Countries in southern Europe, like Spain, Italy and France, have seen several years of consistent dry summers with often concomitant scorcing heat and the occasional out-of-control forest fires.

Several countries grappling with the effects of this extreme heat, which include wildfires and water restrictions. Temperatures reached over 40C in Italy, Greece and the Balkans, and extreme heat spread north into parts of the Czech Republic and southern Poland. Some areas had their hottest temperatures since 2007 when severe heat also brought dangerous conditions to the European southeast.

This in stark contrast to countries like Denmark, Poland and Germany, which have seen just the opposite effect namely wetter and cooler summers.

A study, produced in part by the Vienna University of Technology, looked at anomolies in soil moisture over the last two decades, plotting it against a 25-year average and whose data matched global-warming predictions.

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