About us

The beauty and dynamism of the area of Germany North is unfortunately not well known for our target audience of English speakers worldwide – and we hope to be able to change this with our promotion of this truly magnificent – in both nature and architectural history – area.

There are numerous reasons why this is so – primarily to do with the history of the last half century where the area of the German Baltic coast has not been able to develop its great tourist potential.

Germany-North.com has been designed and created specifically for English speaking visitors planning to travel to the Northern part of Germany, mainly but not restricted to the area known as the Baltic Coast.

This is now changing and with www.germany-north.com and its concomitant Germany-North Blog, we hope to spread the word in the English speaking world of the great advantages of a holiday in Germany-North.

WeNeSe GmbH , is a Web Net Services company based in Berlin which provides Multi-lingual SEO services to specifically Berlin and the North German Baltic Coast based clients in the Tourism and Hospitality and Real Estate market place.

WeNeSe’s experience of the web-based promotion of sites on the English language internet search engines – primarily but not exclusively on Google – along the increased popularity for vacations by non-Germans on the German Baltic coast and the German North Sea area augur well for the success of the venture.

WeNeSe actively markets the web portal called www.germany-north.com and maintains its popular English Blog.