Tetenbüll Kirche Organ – photo – Germany-North Blog

Tetenbüll -Danish: Tetenbøl- is a municipality in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

This is a beautiful small church in a wonderful sleepy small Schleswig-Holstein town.

We have a charming Vacation Home here in Germany-North, which used to be the old school in the village.

Go and stay in this charming small village – near the beach and with great cycling routes from our partner InterDomizil in […] Continue Reading…

Rostocks Christmas Market, supposed to be the biggest in Germany North

Rostock bei Nacht-Weihnachtsmarkt

The christmas market in Rostock. It is said it is the biggest christmas market in north of Germany and this might be true as there are so many attractions at one place. They claim to have the highest pyramid in the world which is 20 meters high with real life-size crib figures.

The first saturday of the market is dedicated a special venue. The actors of […] Continue Reading…

Once again Churches. Architectural marvels, visit Rostock.

Here are the top five of significant architectural buildings in Rostock.

Town Hall Rostock is a consisting of three houses group, whose making dates back to the 13th century. It is the oldest extant secular building in the city. The Rostock City Hall is regarded as one of the most important secular buildings of the brick Gothic in the Baltic Sea region, pari passu with the […] Continue Reading…

Nordstrand – A sweet spot on the North Sea – Germany-North Blog

Nordstrand is located above the peninsula Eiderstedt on a map and was originally an island called Strand which gets dividied during a big flood in 1634. Before this it was an even bigger island. It is totally green and has wonderful beaches.

Nordstrand is the origin of a locally famous alcoholic beverage, the Pharisäer (“Pharisee”), which the islanders developed in 1872 to be able to drink […] Continue Reading…

Landmarks on the German Baltic Coast – How to navigate through Germany’s North by boat – Germany-North Blog

What is coming to your mind if you think about churches? Faith, believe or even bad memories from childhood? In many cases churches are religious buildings.

More of 90 percent of what we call church is belonging to a denomination of christianity. All these buildings are nice to see from the inside and the outside is commonly a huge building with a very imposing manner.

Some of […] Continue Reading…

The Bay and the beaches of Kiel and the Laboe Naval Memorial

Today I want to introduce the bay of Kiel. Kiel isn’t directly on the Baltic sea. To enter the city by boat you have to enter the bay first. Because of this you have many beaches which are somehow inner city. And alongside the bay you have wonderful promenades and resorts. If there is a place to live, Kiel might be an option.

The city itself […] Continue Reading…

Graal-Müritz is a pearl of Germany’s North

Our articles going around he whole German Baltic coast. And we have still not reached the end! [When we finish……..we will start the series all over again…but don’t tell anyone!]

Today we have a focus on Graal-Müritz. It is one of the most wonderful places on the sea and of the most frequented town for health cures.

But what so special about Graal-Müritz. It is located on the […] Continue Reading…

Art lovers may come to Germany North

Germany had some of the important painters of the world. One of them is Caspar David Friedrich who is born in the city of Greifswald in 1774. So his home was directly on the baltic sea. Maybe the air in the sea made him such a good artist in the scene of romantic paintings.

Along the whole coast you could see his art, as he made […] Continue Reading…

Winter on the Baltic – Top 5 activities – Germany-North Blog

You may ask yourself, why I should go in the winter to the sea. Normally you going to the sea during summer holidays. So what to do during the Winter.

1. Walk on an empty white snowy beach. The cold air is very healthy because of salt and iod.

2. If it is extraordinary cold you can walk on the baltic sea. But again don’t to this […] Continue Reading…

What to do in Hamburg on German National Holiday 3rd October top 5.

As the third October is a holiday in Germany, you have plenty options of activities during the day and also the evening.
Here is the top five list during the day:

1. Be part of the Movie Festival Hamburg

2. Visit the The largest model railway in the world – miniature Wunderland Hamburg

3. eat the world on culinary and cultural city tour in Hamburg

4. Visit the exhibition greenhouse […] Continue Reading…