Merkel to US -‘ Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is none of your business !’ – by G-N Blog Financial commentator Emil vd H.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated very clearly that a proposal from the US Senate which would impose sanctions on Russia could create negative economic results for the European  economy and was therefore unacceptable.

A spokesman for Merkel said sanctions with extra-territorial effects – those having impacts on third countries – were clearly wrong and not thought out.

The German Foreign Minister Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor […] Continue Reading…

Buchhandlung „Ein guter Tag” – Schwerin


One of the great things about Germany – there are many others – is that Germans simply like BOOKS! And that is only good, because from knowledge comes progress and enlightenment and the world could use both at the moment!

We have written before on this blog about a small town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern called Grabow where the library is the nicest looking building in the town. […] Continue Reading…

Benjamin Britten’s Opera ‘Peter Grimes’ – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Schwerin

Benjamin Britten’s Opera ‘Peter Grimes’ – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Schwerin
Musical direction -Daniel Huppert
Production -Toni Burkhardt
Stage design -Wolfgang Kurima Rauschning
Costumes -Toni Burkhardt
Chore study -Ulrich Barthel
Dramatics -Dr. Peter Larsen


Peter Grimes, ein Fischer

Paul McNamara

Ellen Orford, Witwe und Lehrerin

Kathleen Eve Parker / Sonja Mühleck

 Kapitän Balstrode

Espen Fegran

 Tantchen, Wirtin des “Haifisch”

Itziar Lesaka

Erste Nichte

Katrin Hübner

Zweite Nichte, Hauptattraktion des “Haifisch”

Ks. Petra Nadvornik

 Bob […] Continue Reading…

Hydro generation from Norway to Germany One Step Closer

A project that will bring surplus hydro generation from Norway to Germany is now one step closer with recently agreed funding .

According to International WaterPower and Dam Construction, a project that will bring surplus hydro generation from Norway to Germany will receive a EUR 350 million loan from the European Investment Bank . The bipolar High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) link will have a capacity of 1400MW […] Continue Reading…

The Russians are coming!’/’Die Russen kommen’ – Museum Grabow

The traveling photo exhibition “The Russians are coming” can now also be seen at the Museum Grabow.

A photographic treasure of portrait photographs of Russian soldiers, which were created by Wittenburg photographer Elli Hartmann after the end of the Second World War. The negative glass panels were discovered by chance and edited by Henry Gawlik (head of the Hagenower Museum) to an exhibition.

It is conceivable that […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg Airport -Irritating gas affects 68 passengers

 Hamburg Airport evacuated after toxin gas scare

Passengers at Hamburg Airport were evacuated after 68 people had been injured by as of yet unknown hazardous material that had spread through the airport’s air-conditioning. 

Fire services rule out terrorist attack after toxin, believed to be pepper spray, leads to air traffic shutdown of more than an hour,

A small gas cartridge was found in a trash can in the security-area, suggesting […] Continue Reading…

No music of Alfred Schnitke at Celebratory Opening Concert of Hamburg Elbphilharmonie!


No music of Alfred Schnitke at Celebratory Opening Concert of Elbphilharmonie!
The celebratory opening concert has now taken place – and we can conclude without any bias or prejudice that the acoustics are very good. About this there was never going to be any major dispute in any case. The question was/is whether the acoustics are fabulous, fantastic or ‘just’ very good. On this issue much […] Continue Reading…

2017 Rostock Cruise Season expects 192 Calls

Rostock Expects 192 Call Cruise Season
According to the ‘Cruise Industry News’ the North German port of Rostock/Warnemunde is expecting up to  190 vessel calls in the following  Cruise Season. 

“The year starts for the port on April 27 with the AIDAdiva, and there are five first-time calls including the Columbus, MSC Magnifica, Norwegian Getaway, Seven Seas Explorer and Viking Sky. AIDA will homeport the AIDAdiva and […] Continue Reading…

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – Official Opening – Wednesday 11th Jan. 2017  1830hrs

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Opening 
Wednesday 11th Jan. 2017  1830hrs
NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester
NDR Chor
Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Camilla Tilling soprano
Wiebke Lehmkuhl alto
Philippe Jaroussky countertenor
Pavol Breslik tenor
Sir Bryn Terfel bass baritone
Iveta Apkalna organ
conductor Thomas Hengelbrock

Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Cavalieri, Liebermann, Messiaen, Praetorius, Rihm, Wagner und Zimmermann
The time has finally come: the inauguration of the Elbphilharmonie! The celebratory opening concerts that mark the start of a three-week festival are in the very capable […] Continue Reading…

Northern Germany used as Doormat by US Government – by Germany-North contributor Mr Emil K.

Yet again, if any further proof were indeed needed, the present German government of CDU/SPD has shown its complete subservience to US bellicose interests and sold its own sovereignty.

Three US military cargo ships with the  misleadingly innocent names ‘Resolve, Freedom and Endurance’   docked at the North German port of Bremerhaven unloading the tanks which will be sent on to Poland by train. It will require […] Continue Reading…