Germany North

Germany-North offers perfect Vacation Holiday Home rentals for those
families or couples who are looking for plenty of room. When staying with
Germany-North Vacation Homes and our Short-Stay City Apartments, there will
be no necessity to squeeze your whole family into a single boring hotel

Germany-North's spacious Vacation Holiday Homes are authentically local and
affordable - accommodation suited for families or couples looking to enjoy a
holiday without stress on the German Baltic Coast / Ostsee and the German
North Sea coast/Nordsee.

With offices in Hamburg, Warnemünde and Rügen, Germany-North and its partner
InterDomizil have this area well covered with almost 600 locally owned
Vacation Homes - we are perfectly placed to help you plan your getaway to
the wonderful German Northern coast.

Germans consider their own most popular summer tourist destination the
German Baltic Coast or Ostsee and the German North Sea or Nordsee.

Especially German families prefer to take their holidays on their own Ostsee
and Nordsee - circa 1,900 kilometres of coastline with many small Baltic
seaside resorts, many white-sandy beaches, and surrounded by magnificent

Germany-North has been created specifically for English speaking visitors
planning to travel to the Northern part of Germany,  

Add to this the magnificent coastlines the not very well known cultural
UNESCO World Heritage towns like Stralsund, Rostock, Wismar, Lubeck - cities
of the Hanseatic League and World Heritage Sites.

To accommodate those who wish to discover the culture of the larger cities
in Northern Germany, Let Germany-North redefine the way you can experience
great accommodation in the centre of these great cities in Short-stay
Apartments in Hamburg, Bremen and Rostock alongside its Vacation Rental
Homes on the coast.