HSV in 2017 – prospects not looking good, but it is still early days!

HSV in 2017 – prospects not looking good, but it is still early days!

In a not really dynamic game earlier this evening, Bayer Leverkusen beat Hamburg Sport Verein 3-0. And this all thanks to the Argentinian player Alario who played his first game for Bayer Leverkusen after weeks of wrangling with his former South American club.

But enough about the win – it is more the […] Continue Reading…

Joel Pohjanpalo 3 – Hamburg’s HSV 1



There are different ways for Hamburg’s HSV to lose a game of football. They can just lose by a slim margin and still play a good game. Or they can play a good game but the opposition is just a tad or more than a tad better then HSV. Or you can have a new Finnish player in the opposition team of ‘Bayer 04 Leverkusen’ – called Joel Pohjanpalo – who is […] Continue Reading…

Bundesliga – Werder Bremen Tie Hertha Berlin SC



Werder Bremen played at home against Hertha BSC in their first home game this year – and several times had their back to the wall, looked at being behind twice 0: 2 and a 1: 3, but they came back. They ended up to tie the game, and this was the correct outcome.

The important thing is that they  did not leave the field as losers from […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s HSV lose 1-2 to Bayern – but have nothing to be ashamed of!



There are different ways to lose a game of football. You can just lose by a slim margin and play a good game. Or one can play a good game and the opposition is just a tad or more than a tad better then you are – and the later was the case yesterday evening.

Adler was lucky that it was not 1-3 or 1-4, Lewandowski […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s 2024 Olympics bid referendum………..NO!

Hamburg’s citizens have decided – the  city is not to continue to apply to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2024.

This is the preliminary result of the referendum, which came to an end this evening. The majority of the citizens of Hamburg voted with No.

Hamburg’s SPD Mayor Olaf Scholz, said as much as he admitted defeat shortly before the count of all polling stations at […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg SV beat Werder Bremen in Bundesliga ‘Nordderby’ 1-3



The ‘Nordderby’, or North- derby is a football match between Hamburg SV and Werder Bremen, the 2 most successful and popular clubs in Northern Germany. For football history buffs, the first ‘Nordderby’ occurred in 1927 with HSV recording a 4-1 away win.

When the Bundesliga was founded in 1963, the ‘Nordderby’ takes place twice because all teams have to play each other once at home and […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s 2024 Olympics bid referendum this Sunday

Hamburg’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics will have to be approved by its citizens and therefore this Sundays  referendum is crucial .

People from both Hamburg and Kiel – where the sailing events are to be held – will vote either for or against with the results scheduled to be released that same evening. At the moment local support seems to be dropping, similar to […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s HSV beat Borussia Dortmund 3-1



Hamburg’s HSV beat Borussia Dortmund 3-1 at home yesterday and added to the jinz which HSV seem to have over Dortmund when playing in Hamburg!

It was a strange game with Hamburg needing a penalty and an own goal by Dortmund, and one real goal – but they did it!

Lasogga started the home side off already in the 19th minute on a deserved penalty which was […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s HSV vs Borussia Dortmund tomorrow Friday 20th November




Hamburg’s HSV vs Borussia Dortmund  tomorrow Friday 20th November in Hamburg.   Matchday 13 of the German Bundesliga

In the last Bundesliga season, Hamburg beat Dortmund 1-0 at home and then held their opponents to a goalless draw. It seems that HSV are a sort of unlucky team forBorussia Dortmund – the team to  avoid for Dortmund – they have only beaten HSV in Hamburg once.

The new HSV […] Continue Reading…

Hamburg’s St Pauli Football shows ‘red card’ to 2024 Olympics

St. Pauli’s members have voted against Olympia 2024 in Hamburg. It is not something that the city fathers of Hamburg want to hear, but there it is.

At the end of a long discussion, the members voted for the majority a resolution “No to Olympics 2024 in Hamburg” officially the resolution read that it had taken a decision to communicate publicly to not engage in pro-Olympic […] Continue Reading…