December 16th means ‘Happy Birthday Ludwig van Beethoven!’

“During a certain instant in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, for example, he might feel that he is floating above the earth in a starry dome, with the dream of immortality in his heart; all the stars seem to glimmer around him, and the earth seems to sink ever deeper downwards.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche  – ‘Human, All Too Human’
Ludwig van Beethoven was a giant of German music and universally recognized as […] Continue Reading…

Music Review -“The Creation”/Die Schopfung – Oratorio by Joseph Haydn -Stadtkirche Ludwigslust- Sunday, Oct. 15th , 2017

Music Review  “The Creation”/Die Schopfung – Oratorio by Joseph Haydn   – Sunday, October 15th , 2017  -Stadtkirche Ludwigslust -Kirchenplatz

Sonja Adam, Sopran
Hannes Boehm, Tenor
Joachim Holzhey, Bass
Ekumenischer Chor Hagenow , Kantorei Ludwigslust
Sinfonietta Lubeck
Conductor : Annegret Boehm

Review of the performance
Some words about the performance in Ludwigslust. The conductor, Annegret Boehm should be commended for her musicianship, knowledge of the score, and perhaps obviously most importantly a […] Continue Reading…

“The Creation”/Die Schöpfung – Oratorio by Joseph Haydn in Ludwigslust – Sunday, Oktober 15th , 2017 – 16:00


“The Creation”/Die Schopfung – Oratorio by Joseph Haydn in Ludwigslust – Sunday, Oktober 15th , 2017 – 16:00
Stadtkirche Ludwigslust -Kirchenplatz
19288 Ludwigslust

The Creation / Die Schopfung  is an oratorio written by Joseph Haydn and considered to be his masterpiece – it celebrates the creation of the world as seen by the Christian Book of Genesis.

Joseph Haydn undertook two trips to England in the early 1790s. […] Continue Reading…

Buchhandlung „Ein guter Tag” – Schwerin


One of the great things about Germany – there are many others – is that Germans simply like BOOKS! And that is only good, because from knowledge comes progress and enlightenment and the world could use both at the moment!

We have written before on this blog about a small town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern called Grabow where the library is the nicest looking building in the town. […] Continue Reading…

Benjamin Britten’s Opera ‘Peter Grimes’ – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Schwerin

Benjamin Britten’s Opera ‘Peter Grimes’ – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Schwerin
Musical direction -Daniel Huppert
Production -Toni Burkhardt
Stage design -Wolfgang Kurima Rauschning
Costumes -Toni Burkhardt
Chore study -Ulrich Barthel
Dramatics -Dr. Peter Larsen


Peter Grimes, ein Fischer

Paul McNamara

Ellen Orford, Witwe und Lehrerin

Kathleen Eve Parker / Sonja Mühleck

 Kapitän Balstrode

Espen Fegran

 Tantchen, Wirtin des “Haifisch”

Itziar Lesaka

Erste Nichte

Katrin Hübner

Zweite Nichte, Hauptattraktion des “Haifisch”

Ks. Petra Nadvornik

 Bob […] Continue Reading…

The Russians are coming!’/’Die Russen kommen’ – Museum Grabow

The traveling photo exhibition “The Russians are coming” can now also be seen at the Museum Grabow.

A photographic treasure of portrait photographs of Russian soldiers, which were created by Wittenburg photographer Elli Hartmann after the end of the Second World War. The negative glass panels were discovered by chance and edited by Henry Gawlik (head of the Hagenower Museum) to an exhibition.

It is conceivable that […] Continue Reading…

Brückenhaus am Schaalsee – near Lassahn


Brückenhaus am Schaalsee or ‘Bridge house at the Schaalsee’ is near Lassahn – Klopstockweg 1, Lassahn / district Stintenburg to be exact.

On the menu is very fresh regional and seasonal cuisine, predominantly organic products, with Mediterranean and maritime influences.

The food is really excellent and the prices are  medium and service is very good. Most weekend customers are Hamburgers or Lubeckers who either have weekend house in […] Continue Reading…

‘Meisterstollen’ – German Christmas Stollen in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern

 German Christmas Stollen in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern
‘Stollen’ are a German Christmas cake, sort of  like a fruit bread made with yeast, milk and flour, and usually with zest added like; dried orange- peel, candied citrus peel -Zitronat, raisins, currents, ground almonds, and different spices like cardamom and cinnamon are added.

Other ingredients, such as milk, sugar, butter, salt, rum, eggs, vanilla, other dried fruits and nuts and marzipan […] Continue Reading…

‘Das Gasthaus zum See’ bei Schaalsee

‘Das Gasthaus zum See’ bei Schaalsee
This is a wonderful small restaurant / pension and inn by Neuenkirchen which is definitely worth a visit and has a great summer garden.

When this writer visited it was completely full with cyclists from Berlin who were travelling through the area.

In 1990 and, in the years 1991-1992, the house was renovated and rebuilt the house to a pension and inn.

This is […] Continue Reading…

‘Weinhaus Uhle’, Schwerin

‘Weinhaus Uhle’ in the Schusterstraße in the North German town of Schwerin has been given a new lease on life! As of last weekend this the historic restaurant, on the corner to the Engenstraße/ Schusterstraße will be re-opened.

This  restaurant/bistro with wine shop with Hotel will reopen. The new hotel will follow in December. The whole enterprise is lead by Dirk Frymark whom together with his wife Annika will bring some light into […] Continue Reading…