The Russians are coming!’/’Die Russen kommen’ – Museum Grabow

The traveling photo exhibition “The Russians are coming” can now also be seen at the Museum Grabow.

A photographic treasure of portrait photographs of Russian soldiers, which were created by Wittenburg photographer Elli Hartmann after the end of the Second World War. The negative glass panels were discovered by chance and edited by Henry Gawlik (head of the Hagenower Museum) to an exhibition.

It is conceivable that […] Continue Reading…

Fritz Reuter in Grabow…..again!

Fritz Reuter  [7 November 1810 – 12 July 1874] was not only known as a popular North German novelist and humorist but more importantly as a critic of the social conditions of that era.

The 3 volumes novel ‘Ut mine Stromtid ‘ is by far the greatest of Reuter’s works in which he descirbes the men and women he knew in the villages and farmhouses of […] Continue Reading…

Organ Concert mit Uwe Pilgrim – NEESE Sunday 10th July – 1400hrs

Neese is a municipality in the Prislich district of Ludwigslust-Parchim, in the southwest of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The village church in Neese was first mentioned in 1541, but the existing half-timbered building today dates from 1750 to 1753. It was renovated in 1998/99. The bright hall with three-sided Ostschluss has a flat wooden ceiling. The windows were redesigned in a neogothic style.

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When the nicest building in town is the Library! Grabow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

When the nicest building in town is the Library ………you are in a wonderful place!
Such a place is Grabow in the South-Western part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is in fact an old school which has been completely renovated and is the most prominent and handsome building in the town.
Stadtbibliothek Grabow,Kießerdamm 19A,
19300 Grabow,
Monday: 13:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 13:30 to 17:00
Wednesday: 13:00 to 17:00
Thursday: closed
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‘Lichterfest’ in Grabow – Friday April 1st 1830-2230 hrs

‘Lichterfest’ in Grabow – Friday April 1st 1830-2230 hrs
While ‘Lichterfest’ is sort of in English ‘a light-show’ – one has to ask what is in fact ‘a light-show’!

Light show may refer to any number of things like: Laser lighting display (Laser show); Liquid light shows, Christmas lights, Meteor shower ….but in this case it is simply a celebration that the winter is over…..Spring is here, […] Continue Reading…

Grabow Canoe and Kayak Rental

Grabow Canoe and Kayak Rental
The medieval town  of Grabow is the “Colourful City” on the Elde Müritz waterway.

This is perfect for families, groups, couples and individuals popular canoe trips along the very narrow Elde River which runs through Grabow and Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. It makes for a perfect summer weekend.

KANU & KAJAKVERMIETUNG GRABOW provide all kinds of excursions on the on the water trails around […] Continue Reading…

Grabower Süsswaren / ‘Grabower schaumküsse’

Grabower Süsswaren / ‘Grabower schaumküsse’
There are some products which follow a town or region. Like the Dutch ‘Gouda Stroop Waffle’ or the ‘Berliner’. A ‘Berliner’  is a traditional German type of doughnut with no central hole, made from sweet yeast dough fried in oil, with a marmalade or jam filling covered in powdered sugar.

Another such product is the ‘Grabower  schaumküsse’ – which is still in production in […] Continue Reading…

Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt – ‘Kunsthandwerkermarkt’ Grabow


Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt – ‘Kunsthandwerkermarkt’ Grabow
Some photos from the very ‘gemütlich’ Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt – ‘Kunsthandwerkermarkt’ Grabow which took place yesterday. Fortunately it did not rain!

We wrote about the opening of the renovated Grabower Schutzenhaus earlier this summer –

Weihnachtsmarkt Grabow at the ‘Schützenhaus’- This Saturday, 12th December – 1200/1600 hrs

The Christmas Market in Grabow will take place on December 12th. And it will be held for the first time in and around the renovated  Grabow  ‘Schützenhaus’ .

From 12 to 18 clock is invited to browse, buy and chatting and Christmas snacking. The Grabower music and market with goods such as locally made arts and crafts, Ceramics and Pottery products all await visitors.

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Waldbad Grabow closes today, Sunday 20th September

Waldbad Grabow
Goethestraße 29
19300 Grabow

‘Waldbad Grabow’: The forest pool of Grabow is not only a spectacular location, it also has a lot to offer. Swimmer looking forward to the 50-meter lanes, children on the great wide slide and the little ones on the double paddling pool. In July and August a number of swimming lessons are offered. [from babyhood]


The 1975 opened Waldbad of Grabow was extensively […] Continue Reading…