2017 Rostock Cruise Season expects 192 Calls

Rostock Expects 192 Call Cruise Season
According to the ‘Cruise Industry News’ the North German port of Rostock/Warnemunde is expecting up to  190 vessel calls in the following  Cruise Season. 

“The year starts for the port on April 27 with the AIDAdiva, and there are five first-time calls including the Columbus, MSC Magnifica, Norwegian Getaway, Seven Seas Explorer and Viking Sky. AIDA will homeport the AIDAdiva and […] Continue Reading…

Hanse Sail Rostock 2016 begins – 11th – 14th August

‘Hanse Sail Rostock 2016’ has begun in Rostock!

Hanse Sail Rostock is the largest maritime festival in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and one of the largest in Europe with over one million visitors expected over the length of the festival. Circa 250 traditional sailing ships of all types and sizes from a vast variety of countries sail to Rostock every year during the 2nd weekend of August.

‘Hanse Sail Rostock’ […] Continue Reading…

In Rostock…..the weather is good!

On this 23rd of July 2016 – in the middle of the summer, while German children here in Northern Germany have just started their holidays, the weather is grande!

The current ambient weather in Rostock -today at noon – the temperature in Rostock was a very comfortable 25 ° C and the relative humidity is 47%. The sky is currently heavily over-cast. The wind will blow in […] Continue Reading…

Where best to watch EURO 2016 in Northern Germany – Rostock


Where best to watch EURO 2016 in Northern Germany – Rostock
Today is a really important game – namely France vs Germany.

France have not been truly tested even if their first-half destruction of Iceland in the quarter-finals promised a lot, the team have yet to fully impress . And they will really need to do against Germany.

France have not faced a competitive side since the last […] Continue Reading…

German Call to end Russian Trade Sanctions at Rostock ‘Russlandtag’

German Call to end Russian Trade Sanctions at Rostock ‘Russlandtag’
There has been a very clear call to end Russian trade sanctions in Germany and they were echoed yesterday at the annual Rostock ‘Russlandtag’.

The facts dealing with the exchange of goods between the two countries speak for themselves. Germany exported in 2015 goods worth 21.8 billion Euro to Russia – which was down 40 % less than in 2013, the year before  sanctions. Imports […] Continue Reading…

New Warnemünde Stromgrabenbrücke to be finished on 30th April


Warnemünde Stromgrabenbrücke
In the north of Rostock, still within its city limits lies the municipality of Warnemünde – better known as the Ostsee resort. While a major part of the resort is located on the mainland, the train station is on the so-called middle pier was connected by a 1903 build bridge.

The old bridge, which connects the mainland with three tracks and two blocks to the […] Continue Reading…

Honourary Doctorate for Edward Snowden by University of Rostock vindicated by EU Parliament – by Emil H.

The Honorary Doctorate for Edward Snowden is ‘going to have to go to court’ this summer.  The case of whether of not an honorary doctorate can be granted to former intelligence Edward Snowden by the University of Rostock will go before a judge in the state capital of Schwerin, reports the  Ostsee-Zeitung .

Academics at the University of Rostock in Germany had previously approved a proposal on to […] Continue Reading…

ODEG – Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH keeps people in Germany North moving! – Part 2 –

The yellow double-decker trains one sees passing through Berlin S-bahn stations and other North German stations belong to ODEG or the Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH.

ODEG employs 454 employees and has a network that covers about 14 million kilometers per year. Some of the these workers have, since 2005 , been working out of Eberswalde in the newly built train repair and maintenance depot. It is where the necessary repairs and cleaning […] Continue Reading…

Rostock – Helsinki new fiber optic sea cable C-Lion1 completed


The Rostock-Helsinki new fiber optic sea cable has become a reality. The Finnish company Cinia has  deployed a submarine fiber optic cable between Rostock in the north of Germany and Helsinki in Finland.

This is an important telecom project laying  under-water data cable  -which will both improve internet connectivity and improve security between Finland, Germany and Central Europe. Called ‘C-Lion1’ – the project services are expected to […] Continue Reading…

ODEG – Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH keeps people in Germany North moving! – Part 1 –

ODEG – Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH keeps people in Germany North moving!
Even though there are good highways through-out Germany, and the local roads are also good, extensive and generally well maintained, there is a need for good public transportation. This is because Germans are environmentally very positive – why drive when you can take the bus, tram or train – and because it is usually more […] Continue Reading…