Warnemünde Photo

Warnemünde 3

We take today’s picture from the excellent ‘Interdomizil Reisezeile’ which published a picture of the  wonderful Warnemünde beach with its wooden walkway which will bring visitors who come to take a stroll to the great beach below which beckons on both sides.

As is typical of the Baltic coastal regions, Warnemünde has a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers and in the summer bring both sun-glasses and an […] Continue Reading…

Rügen photo – Sellin Pier

We take today’s picture from the excellent ‘Interdomizil Reisezeile’ which published a picture of the  wonderful Sellin Pier with its large wooden walkways which delight all visitors who come to take a stroll on it.

A photo can really capture much more than words when it comes to inviting beach scenes like this –  The Sellin Pier.

A nice walk leads along the coast from Binz to ‘Die Seebrücke von […] Continue Reading…

Rügen – Wooden Architectural Nostalgia


We take today’s picture from the excellent Interdomizil Reisezeile which published a picture of the  wonderful Northern German Architecture – similar in many ways to its close Scandinavian  Danish and Sweden neighbours, but still very distinct. These are simply very warm and cozy buildings!

This is on the island of Rugen to be exact. http://www.interdomizil.de/reisemagazin/reiseziele/deutschland/ostsee/ruegen

We have written on this blog before about this great architecture. ‘Sea resort architecture’ […] Continue Reading…

Rügen – ‘Der Rasende Roland’ – Romantic Steam nostalgia




We take today’s blog from the excellent Interdomizil Reisezeile which reports on a wonderful steam locomotive still active in Northern Germany, and on the island of Rugen to be exact. http://www.interdomizil.de/reisemagazin/reiseziele/deutschland/ostsee/ruegen

It rattles and hisses, meanders steaming over the island and encounters between a penetrating and deafening whistles from. And although this vehicle travels at a top speed of only 30 km per hour, it is still […] Continue Reading…

Rügen – ‘Armenhaus mit Luxusstrand’ – Poor neighbourhood….. with Beach for Rich people


German television is good. It is critical and asks uncomfortable questions.

This evening a very good TV documentary about Rugen and how it is both an excellent and wonderful summer paradise for both visitors and locals, but turns into a rather forlorn and poor area in the ‘off-season’.

The Insel Rügen in the constituency of Angela Merkel: For millions holiday guests Germany’s largest island is the holiday […] Continue Reading…

Cape Arkona / Kap Arkona on Rügen


Cape Arkona  or in German ‘Kap Arkona’  is a 45-metre-high cape on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

We have written about it before – and we added specifically a nice photo of the light-house there – http://www.germany-north.com/2013/02/25/cape-arkona-one-of-the-sweetest-spots-on-ruegen/

We do not often write twice about places, but this is worth a ‘2nd look’.

Cape Arkona forms the tip of the Wittow peninsula, just a few kilometres north of the Jasmund […] Continue Reading…

Cozy Sailing Harbour Breege on Rügen

 Harbour Breege on Rugen – foto Germany-North / InterDomizil
Where the Rügen peninsula is connected to the narrow headland of Schaabe we find the beautiful small-boat harbour village of Breege.

In the village of Breege, many old grande home/houses from previous centuries are, still today, a witness to past fortunes earned by seaman and officers who made their homes here.

Tall ships….. those sailing ships of old no longer […] Continue Reading…

Holidays in Germany- North – Meeresblick-Baabe on Rugen –

Baabe Haus Meeresblick

It is now ‘colder’ in the Northern Half of Germany – that area we refer to on the blog as ‘Germany-North’!

Presently it is somewhat coldish at +4C in Baabe – http://www.daswetter.com/wetter_Rostock-Europa-Deutschland-Bayern–1-27295.html?gclid=CPPE3Nbu-sICFYeBfgodgQ8Axw

While we think Germany-North is grand and beautiful all year round, we bring this great property at Meeresblick-Baabe  forward for discussion because of its great summer popularity – and now in mid-winter [yes a mild […] Continue Reading…

Rügen, German Baltic Coast – even the English take note -Germany-North Blog

Foto of Vacation Home ” Haus Meeresblick” in Baabe on Rugen, of our Hamburg partner Company Interdomizil
In an interesting article entitled  ” 20 family villa holidays in Europe to book now – for next summer” which appeared in the UK Guardian some weeks ago, even the English seem to have discovered Rugen!

This is interesting because the English are very particular about their the beaches they visit […] Continue Reading…

Sea Kayaker missing off of Rügen in Northern Germany – Germany-North Blog

A 69 year old paddler from Brandenburg has triggered a large-scale search of the police off the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

As a spokesman for the Police in Neubrandenburg said on Thursday, contact with the man was lost on June 11 with a red paddle boat to a small tour around the island of Rügen.

Known had last June 12 in contact with the man from a small Brandenburg village  who […] Continue Reading…