Cozy Sailing Harbour Breege on Rügen

 Harbour Breege on Rugen – foto Germany-North / InterDomizil
Where the Rügen peninsula is connected to the narrow headland of Schaabe we find the beautiful small-boat harbour village of Breege.

In the village of Breege, many old grande home/houses from previous centuries are, still today, a witness to past fortunes earned by seaman and officers who made their homes here.

Tall ships….. those sailing ships of old no longer […] Continue Reading…

The Baltic Sea from above – Germany North Blog

You might not understand a word, but I bet you want to see this film . It is motion picture by Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg and it is filmed with one of the best helicopter cameras in the world.

They have already had very much success with this great film which is German is called – die-ostsee-von-oben or Baltic sea from above. If you are in Germany […] Continue Reading…

Don’t miss out Hiddensee on your Ruegen Vacation – Germany-North Blog

Did you ever asked yourself if you could find paradise on earth? Some people believe that the Island of Hiddensee is such a paradise. Official its part of Rügen, but the domestics claim, that they are an unique island which is not belonging to Rügen.

Going to Hiddensee is possible the whole year, as long the Bodden is not completely frozen. If this happens you stuck […] Continue Reading…