E-on has selects the Northern German Port of Sassnitz

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E-on has selected the Northern German of Sassnitz for the construction and operations and maintenance base for its 385MW Arkonabecken Sudost wind farm in the Baltic Sea.http://www.nordic-market.de/news/21442/eon_waehlt_faehrhafen_sassnitz-mukran_als_neuen_logistikschwerpunkt_fuer_sein_offshore-windparkprojekt_arkona_becken_suedost.htm

Circa  300 people would be involved building  the wind farm during the 2 year construction period.

E·ON, is a European holding company based in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the name comes from the Greek word aeon which means eternity. The […] Continue Reading…

The Baltic Sea Coast is Germany’s Best Kept Secret [5] Port of Sassnitz – Germany-North Blog by contributor RvP

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Sassnitz is a well-known resort town on the island of Rügen, and is a gateway to Jasmund National Park with its unique and well-known chalk cliffs. These ‘Kreidefelsen’ near Sassnitz  chalk  cliffs have inspired German artists like Caspar Friedrich.

Sassnitz is also home of Rügen’s only zoo, the Sassnitz Wildlife Park, which is a great place to take the whole family – on one of those days you are either […] Continue Reading…

The Baltic Sea from above – Germany North Blog

You might not understand a word, but I bet you want to see this film . It is motion picture by Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg and it is filmed with one of the best helicopter cameras in the world.

They have already had very much success with this great film which is German is called – die-ostsee-von-oben or Baltic sea from above. If you are in Germany […] Continue Reading…

Natural heritage in Germanys North’ on Ruegen – Germany-North Blog


Last Friday, the Chancellor Mrs Merkel in Germany has inaugurated a natural heritage from the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt ( in english: German Federal Foundation of environment) . This area lies in Prora on Rügen what is known particularly for the long building of the National Socialists. Although the Nazis never militarily seized this area they were converted to military courses by the Government of the […] Continue Reading…

Sassnitz toTrelleborg Sweden – Stena Line ferry route – by Germany North Blog

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Sassnitz –ferry station of Mukran to Trelleborg Sweden ferry route

General information:

The ferry route from Sassnitz to Trelleborg is the shortest link between Germany and Sweden covering just 60 nautical miles.

The route, known as the “King’s Line”, has been operating since 1909.

The journey time for the crossing on the combined ferries operated by the Stena Line shipping company is 4 hours. The vessels are designed to […] Continue Reading…

My favourite City on Rügen has got to be Sassnitz – by Germany-North Blog contributor Mr Theo

I’m still not sure if I ever want to live there, but for me as a ‘Berlin’  tourist its always an experience being in Sassnitz. This with or without a  seasonal or planned German Baltic coast holiday which is how most people see it.

Even if I was there more than one time I never regret walking along the 1444 meter mole until the end. You […] Continue Reading…