Germany North Sea, Ocean and peninsulas directly

The last time we had a focus on Friedrichstadt, which is also called the dutch city. Today we are going more west. And then we are located on a peninsula named Eiderstedt in Germany.

Eiderstedt is very famous for its wonderful landscape the Marshland and its towns St. Peter-Ording, Garding and Tönning. One of the most well known spots is the lighthouse of Westerhever, especially world […] Continue Reading…

When you ‘chill-out’ on the beach, why not rent a ‘Roofed-wicker-beach-chair’ – a real ‘German Strand’ phenomenon!

A roofed wicker beach chair is that what in german we simply call “Strandkorb”. The rather interesting point here is that it might be a local thing for Germanys North.

Here are some infos from Wikipedia:
“Strandkorbs are predominantly used on the coasts of North Sea and Baltic Sea, as well as other coasts with strong winds. During the summer months, they can usually be rented from […] Continue Reading…