Hamburg Airport -Irritating gas affects 68 passengers


 Hamburg Airport evacuated after toxin gas scare

Passengers at Hamburg Airport were evacuated after 68 people had been injured by as of yet unknown hazardous material that had spread through the airport’s air-conditioning. 

Fire services rule out terrorist attack after toxin, believed to be pepper spray, leads to air traffic shutdown of more than an hour,

A small gas cartridge was found in a trash can in the security-area, suggesting […] Continue Reading…

Expect Delays Today @ Hamburg Airport


Many German air travelers will have to adapt their travel plans today at airports of Stuttgart, Hamburg and Hanover because of  work stopages due to warning strikes by security personnel.

The union Verdi said that the strikes are intended to increase pressure over stalled wage negotiations which today will be limited to just 3 separate German Lander or federal states.

Hamburg Airport which handles circa 40,000 passengers on an average day […] Continue Reading…

Expect Delays Today @ Hamburg Airport – Verdi organized strike causes cancelations and delays – Germany-North Blog

The German Verdi union today called its 8,000 employees of the Hamburg security sector, including about 900 people at the airport for a strike today. There is similar action taking place at the smaller Stuttgart airport today also.

The strikers will assemble between 1100 hrs  und 1600 hrs on an adjacent airport parking lot.

Verdi is trying to obtain a wage increase of € 8.05 Euro to € 9.20 Euro per […] Continue Reading…

Delays @ Hamburg Airport – Verdi organized strike causes cancelations and delays – Germany-North Blog


A nation wide strike yesterday sort of bypassed Hamburg – however many flights from Hamburg’s airport were cancelled or delayed.

The strikes were organized by the large services sector union VERDI and follows an earlier walkout   in the last  weeks.  The largest German Union, VERDI  has warned that strikes would continue if the workers’ demands are not met. This comes as fresh round of payment talks will be […] Continue Reading…

1700 Lufthansa flights XXLD Germany-wide – Hamburg Airport LH cancelations – Germany-North Blog

Terminal 2 Hamburger Flughafen - foto - Wikipedia - source Medvedev

An estimated 32 of the Lufthansa regular 1,720 scheduled daily flights across Germany are expected to take off on Monday as Lufthansa staff walk out over a wage dispute with its largest union – VERDI.

Hamburg is hit as are all the major Lufthansa hubs in Germany like Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

The Deutsche Bahn / DB has said it will add extra trains on the busiest […] Continue Reading…

Over 100 flights XXLD @ Hamburg Airport – strike causes cancelations and delays –

Terminal 2 Hamburger Flughafen - foto - Wikipedia - source Medvedev

Over 100 flights were cancelled today at Hamburg Airport caused by striking security workers .

Airlines most affected are  Air Berlin and Lufthansa who have the most flights and connections from and to the northern German Hansa city.

The official announcement by the airport says ” Strike at Hamburg Airport: Flight operations severely restricted on Wednesday, 20 February, 2013

The strike of the passenger security Checkpoints called by the […] Continue Reading…