Merkel to US -‘ Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is none of your business !’ – by G-N Blog Financial commentator Emil vd H.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated very clearly that a proposal from the US Senate which would impose sanctions on Russia could create negative economic results for the European  economy and was therefore unacceptable.

A spokesman for Merkel said sanctions with extra-territorial effects – those having impacts on third countries – were clearly wrong and not thought out.

The German Foreign Minister Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor […] Continue Reading…

‘Nord Stream 2’ Expansion

‘Nord Stream 2’ – also referred to as ‘Nord Stream II’- is a new export gas pipeline running from Russia to Europe across the Baltic Sea.

The ‘Nord Stream 2 consortium’ includes Germany’s EON , Royal Dutch Shell, Austrian OMV, the French energy company ‘Engie SA’, and BASF as well as it major owner, Russian Gazprom.

With it, Russian Gazprom has agreed to build a new pipeline called ‘Nord […] Continue Reading…

Rostock – Helsinki new fiber optic sea cable C-Lion1 completed


The Rostock-Helsinki new fiber optic sea cable has become a reality. The Finnish company Cinia has  deployed a submarine fiber optic cable between Rostock in the north of Germany and Helsinki in Finland.

This is an important telecom project laying  under-water data cable  -which will both improve internet connectivity and improve security between Finland, Germany and Central Europe. Called ‘C-Lion1’ – the project services are expected to […] Continue Reading…

Russian Gazprom takes lead in Nord Stream expansion

Russian Gazprom has agreed to build a new pipeline to Germany under the Baltic Sea with European energy companies, bringing gas to and thereby bypassing the proven unreliable and conflict-stricken Ukraine.

Presently ‘Nord Stream’ connects the Russian city of Vyborg to Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Gazprom’s partners in the Nord Stream pipeline, a major gas supply artery feeding into western Europe, are Anglo-Dutch Shell , Germany’s EON and the […] Continue Reading…

Art lovers may come to Germany North

Germany had some of the important painters of the world. One of them is Caspar David Friedrich who is born in the city of Greifswald in 1774. So his home was directly on the baltic sea. Maybe the air in the sea made him such a good artist in the scene of romantic paintings.

Along the whole coast you could see his art, as he made […] Continue Reading…

The Nord Stream /Gazela gas pipeline – cutting the Czech Republic’s dependence on Ukraine has been opened.

Official opening of Nord Stream with Angela Merkel and Dmitry Medvedev – photo  Wikipedia – source -

A gas pipeline that will cut the Czech Republic’s dependence on supplies coming through Ukraine has been opened.

The launch of the 166 kilometre Gazela pipeline comes 4 years after a price dispute which led to cuts in gas transport through the Ukraine – these in turn created shortages in parts of Europe, including the Czech Republic. 

The Czech PM Petr Nečas attended the January 14th opening […] Continue Reading…