The Russians are coming!’/’Die Russen kommen’ – Museum Grabow

The traveling photo exhibition “The Russians are coming” can now also be seen at the Museum Grabow.

A photographic treasure of portrait photographs of Russian soldiers, which were created by Wittenburg photographer Elli Hartmann after the end of the Second World War. The negative glass panels were discovered by chance and edited by Henry Gawlik (head of the Hagenower Museum) to an exhibition.

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Grabow ‘Schützenhaus’ opened on Saturday, September 4th, 2015

On Saturday, September 6th , 2015 the city Grabow opened its refurbished ‘clubhouse’ or ‘Hunting Lodge’ at a commemorative event which celebrated  the diversity of the building. There was also a special children’s party.

The exhibition “Environment, Natural and Hunter” is a permanent loan from the family. Gottlieb Polzer and his father, who was forester in Leussow many years, they have gathered.

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Grabow ‘Schützenhaus’ opens on Saturday, September 4, 2015

On Saturday, September 4, 2015 the city Grabow will reopen as a builder that refurbished clubhouse at a commemorative event and thereby demonstrate the diversity of this house. Give it should then also a park and a children’s party.,nordmagazin27258.html

Even outdoors a lot has happened in the past weeks and months. “The terrace has come, the pillars in front of the main entrance and so […] Continue Reading…

Grabow ‘Sweet Home’ – A nice place to have coffee and do some gift shopping

It is always  nice to find a nice place to drink coffee and get off ones feet and relax a little. Especially in a new unknown place.

‘Sweet Home’ in Grabow is such a place. On the main street and near the main square the friendly and helpful staff can answer any questions about what is going on in the town and locality. ‘Not much’ say […] Continue Reading…

Grabow – Stadthaus

The name Grabow is of Slavic Polabian origin, and names with this root occur often in Mecklenburg and was for a time spelled in the more German GRABAU – which sounds exactly the same. It was actually mentioned as the spelling Grabowe (1186, 1252, 1275) but also Grabow (1189, 1298).

Pope Urban the third mentions castle Grabow for the first time in a letter from February 23, 1186.

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Grabow Museum – Regional Textiles past and present – until August 2015

Grabow Museum – Regional Textiles past and present exhibit until August 2015.

Since 05/05/1994, the Museum of Grabow has found itself in the former house, known beyond Mecklenburg’s borders for its “Pfeffernuß- and Bisquitfabrik” by Gustav Ritter connecting Grabows name to the present day with the coveted Mohr kisses.

The exhibition rooms are spread over 2 floors of the venerable town house.

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